As a little girl, I sometimes ‘helped’ my dad in his darkroom, watching images swim into life on paper floating in trays.

Pure magic.


When I go out with my camera, I still feel that magic...when the light is right, when texture and detail become extraordinary, ...and a wonder and appreciation for what's around us, all the time. My photographs are taken of subjects as they are, in that moment...not re-arranged or moved, framed in camera, and not technologically altered (sometimes just a little cropping here and there!). For me, there's a truth and a beauty in being found, all of us living things, just how we truly are.  


Please send me an email if you'd like to buy one of my photos - very small or very large - for your home or commerical use, or to add your name to a mailing list for new works and showings, 


Thank you!









© Julie Prescott, 2015

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