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Women often say my jewelry makes them feel more confident, and I agree that there’s something about wearing a great necklace that puts some sass in your strut. I’m so pleased my work evokes that response.


All my pieces are one of a kind, and made from raw and polished semi-precious stones, ethnic and vintage beads, premium crystal and glass, exotic pearls, wood and bone – and sometimes suede and leather, fabric, plastic and rubber, found and vintage pieces. Many have been gathered on my travels from shops, market stalls and unlikely places.


I’m inspired by how adornment and beauty is expressed in other cultures, by practical beauty in all its forms, by architecture and nature.


If you'd like to be on my mailing list for shows, or to buy a piece, please send me an email..  


Prices shown are in Canadian dollars and do not include 5% Goods and Services tax, 7% provincial sales tax, nor shipping/postage costs.


Thank you very much for visiting!


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Danglz Interchangeable Earrings

When I travel much and carry little, I allow myself one ring and one pair of hoop earrings for adornment. If I slip on a couple of sparkling crystals, I'm dressed for party. If I'm in a funky mood, I add three or five more. 


So go ahead and play...choose just one simple Danglz or get creative with clusters.


More coming soon...

© Julie Prescott, 2015

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