Through many lives, in many countries, I've carried a love of words and curiosity about people’s stories.


In Transit, my first book of poetry, is filled with character sketches inspired by my fellow passengers on city transit. 

As I watch them, I try to imagine what their lives are like, where they are going and why. 


That simple act has gone a long way to decrease my reticence to engage with strangers, and to increase my curiosity and empathy. 


My thanks go to those who met my eye, returned a smile or shared a conversation for a little while. 


They inspire these poems.


If you'd like to buy a copy of my book, please send me a note.


Highland Lass

Early morning on the seawall,

Your purposeful stride 

Caught my eye

As your long, strong legs,

Clad in knee-length tartan shorts,

Churned through the headwind.


You turned your head, crowned 

In fiery red curls

As the sun caught your lean face

And carved a golden line 

Down your high-boned cheek,

Against the pale blue sky.


I could imagine you

Striding along the highland cliffs,

Cheeks whipped raw by the cutting wind,

Gulls wheeling ’round your head.